April 11, 2007

Charles Simonyi launch tour

My friend and Powerset Investor Esther Dyson has some nice photos of Charles Simonyi‘s launch tour and space launch in Russia.
Esther writes:

I have to say that watching the launch was an AMAZING experience. Perhaps the whole tour was really a marketing exercise designed to get us all to want to head upwards too. And in fact, Charles watched the launch of Greg Olsen, the third private space traveler (Charles is fifth). I’d bet that among us already there are one or two who are now planning to go – not just dreaming about it.
More at … and here at Flickr, too, where I will have photos from Mission Control of the docking in about 36 hours.

This makes me nostalgic for my days at NASA. Especially seeing the photo of Charles in the spacesuit and the complex procedures they had to learn. (Here is more info about the CLARISSA spoken dialog system we flew onboard ISS).

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September 21, 2005

Magic Wallpaper

I just learned about the MagicBoard.

The MagicBoard project aims at augmenting a perfectly ordinary whiteboard-like surface with electronic capabilities, via a video projector and a pan / tilt / zoom camera.
The user works on the board as in the usual way, drawing or writing with ordinary marker pens. Whenever she chooses, the user can “grab” an electronic copy of the things that have been drawn or written with the marker pen. This copy is projected back onto the board, precisely overlaying the original markings with the appropriate colour. The physical ink may then be erased and the electronic version manipulated on the board’s surface: it can be duplicated, moved, enlarged or reduced, printed, or hidden for a moment before being recalled. Meanwhile, the user may add to her designs with the marker pen as before. At any time, these new markings can be turned into digital form to merge with the electronic version of her work.

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February 17, 2005

Present Life of Mars, but will NASA keep the lights on?

Space.com jumped the gun with an article with the headline: NASA researchers claim evidence of present life on Mars. The intro is below: 

A pair of NASA scientists told a group of space officials at a private meeting here Sunday that they have found strong evidence that life may exist today on Mars, hidden away in caves and sustained by pockets of water.

The scientists, Carol Stoker and Larry Lemke of NASA’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, told the group that they have submitted their findings to the journal Nature for publication in May, and their paper currently is being peer reviewed.

What Stoker and Lemke have found, according to several attendees of the private meeting, is not direct proof of life on Mars, but methane signatures and other signs of possible biological activity remarkably similar to those recently discovered in caves here on Earth.

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