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June 22, 2008

Talin’s 50th Birthday Party

Talin sharing his $5000 birthday experiment

Photo by Barney Pell.

Last night I hosted a party for my good friend Talin, to celebrate his 50th birthday. Talin had notified people that he had a surprise theme for the party, which turned out to be a social experiment. Talin contributed a pile of $100 bills, one for each year of his life, and said that the only rule was that the group of attendees had to figure out how to spend it before midnight. They even had to figure out the process by which the decisions would be made.

In the end, after hours of partying mixed with negotiation and philosophizing, the money was allocated approximately as follows:

Mike Arrington attended the party, his first time at Barney’s house, and was surprised to find how few of Talin’s friends read TechCrunch, but despite that he had a great time.
The whole photo set is here.

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